My web host Site5 has informed me that unlinked files are verboten on my shared server. After removing many gigabytes of temporary files I’d posted over the years for family, friends and clients, the persistent employees from their “emergency issues” team insist that I must supply links to the remaining files in my /download folder or remove them entirely. Apparently rules meant to quell the misuse of file space are now infringing on the simple conveniences of their oldest customers.

So that I don’t disappoint, here are a few files I prefer to keep:

Ave Maria (166 MB)
My talented sister playing her violin accompanied by my nephew Jake.

Beanie Game Test (17 MB)
A friend wanted to see how his iPhone game played on an old 3G, so I filmed a test.
I mostly enjoy the way my kids peek into frame.

Binary Counter (223 K)
A type exercise for one of my MFA projects. (video below)

Binary Glove (47 MB)
Documentation from one of my MFA projects. More info here.

Christmas In Holland (8.4 MB)
A hilarious and true account by David Sedaris of Christmas traditions in Holland.
Full podcast downloadable from This American life.

Dota Items (5.1 MB)
A relic from many hours, days and weeks lost to the wonderful world of DOTA: an early item recipe cheat sheet.

The Falklands (78 K)
Me basking in the sun on the Falkland Islands with my penguin pals.

Five Step (9.1 MB)
A brilliant mashup by Overdub of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five and Radiohead’s 15 Step.
Available from the artist’s web site:

Helvetica (short) (472 MB)
Excerpts from the film Helvetica. My typography students fall asleep if they watch the whole thing.

Oblong Shoot Em’ Up (10 MB)
A movie filmed by a coworker of Christopher Walken and Al Pacino shooting things across the street from my office.

Pine Cones and Holly Berries (1.6 MB)
An old recording of my family singing a favorite Christmas song.

Pugloaf (108 K)
This needs no description.

Qiuming (269 MB)
A crit from my grad program at DMA of Qiuming’s work in progress.

Sounds of the Hawkes Family (106 MB)
A treasured collection of old recordings from my family. Songs, stories, and music.

Swisspiration (215 MB)
A beautiful compilation of swiss design examples that I use frequently when teaching branding and graphic design.
Many thanks to the talented Dave Groom.

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