I had the opportunity recently to do some work on a new interactive album from a Philip Glass / Beck collaboration called _REWORK. Good friend David Wicks was hired by Snibbe Studio (of Bjork iOS app fame) to create the app.

I created a series of visualizations in Processing that were used as jumping-off points for several of the tracks on the album. I lucked out and got to spend most of my time on Beck’s 21-minute track NYC—easily my favorite track on the album. The tests above use keystrokes to choreograph connections between independent particle subsystems. Final iterations in the app were rebuilt by David in Cinder to leverage events and information from MIDI, SVG, and XML.

The mouse-reactive flash below was from an older exploration I built for CompostModern with Addis Creson a couple years ago. It provided inspiration for a couple of the other tracks on the album.

The music is amazing, and the app well-worth the spend. My part was small in the much larger effort to produce the app. You can read more about the development process from David at

Purchase the iOS app here.
Purchase the album here.

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